Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shabby Blue Chair...before and after!

This little brown chair was begging for a new life...

(As you can see by the spray-painted gravel under the chair, this is not my first project but it was one of my first in a long time and most definitely one of my faves!)

After a prime coat (1 1/2 cans of Rust-oleum Painters Touch Ultra cover 2x in Flat White) and a coat of what I had hoped would be the perfect shade of turquoise blue it was back to the paint can!

PAINT CAN TIP: In case you didn't know this...You can tint your own latex paint! I turned my kitchen into a science lab of sorts and began playing with the colors until I found the perfect shade!
  1. I started with a basic flat wall paint in a creamy white color and added equal parts of some flat blue paint that I found on the clearance shelf (50% off) at Walmart.  It looked OK until I painted my entire chair! 
  2. Too tint it myself, I added nearly half a bottle of regular acrylic paint in a shade I later found to be called, Key West! (Great place and a great name!)
  3. I painted the chair with a second coat of the new mixture and it was getting there...but was not quite the look I was hoping for so...
  4. I dry brushed the chair with a creamy tan acrylic paint and also a medium gray.
  5. was still not quite right so...
  6. I wiped on and quickly wiped off (in small sections at a time) a dark walnut stain.
Then I knew it was it! See below for the inspiration piece, a Shabby Blue Chair! I think it needs some friends! :)

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